24 Cavities High Speed Cap Compression Machine
  • 24 Cavities High Speed Cap Compression Machine24 Cavities High Speed Cap Compression Machine

24 Cavities High Speed Cap Compression Machine

We assure you that we always provide high quality 24 Cavities High Speed Cap Compression Machine and service. Help you choose the right and high-quality products to seize the market and open the market with qualified products and service, and achieve mutual benefit.

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Product Description

24 Cavities High Speed Cap Compression Machine Made in China can be bought with Low Price from Daelong, which is a professional high quality Cap Compression Machine Manufacturers and Factory in China. We provide Customized Products service. If you want Pricelist and Quotation, you can ask us by leaving a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Shorter cycle time for higher productivity

Less energy consumption

High specific density

Maintenance-free molds that last decades

Quick colour changeover process

Less waste means lower costs

The 24cavities cap compression machine have already done big improvement on the machine output. The 24cavities cap compression machine machine output have already been increased to be 42000-45000pcs per hour. It have been increased around 90% production on the same cavities machine. At the same time, The machine hydraulic system also have also done big improvement and development. The big increase on the cap output greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Technical Parameter:

Model DRCM-24H
Production Capacity 40000-42000/ hour (29/25MM cap)
Cap Diameter 20-45mm
Cap Height 10-30mm
Cap Material PP/HDPE/LDPE
Mold Cavity No. 24
Power 380V/PH/50HZ
Installation Power 75KW
Air Consumption 1.2M3/Hr, 1.0Mpa
Machine Dimension 4200*2200*2100mm
Machine Weight 7.5T

How the cap produced by the cap compression machine :

Why we choose the cap compression machine to produce the caps instead of the Injection molding machine:


Item Cap compression
molding machine
Injection molding
Number of cavity 24 2*24
Output 16800-23400 2*6000
Power consumption 26 2*36  (with mould)
Power  consumption  per month 18720 51840
Power save per month 33120kw
Cost saving $6650 00/month  (if $0 2/kw/h)
Using additive No Yes
Using mold release No Yes
Peculiar smell No Yes
Product appearance No injection point With injection point
Waste No Yes
Manpower resource 1 2 or more

EN SHORTER CYCLE time and therefore higher productivity. The lower extrusion temperature allows the cap to be cooled in the mould more quickly: this has shortened cycle times, which have, in the case of lightweight caps, been cut to around 2 seconds.

LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Lower extrusion temperatures mean less energy is needed to bring the plastic to extrusion temperature and, since the plastic is colder, less energy to cool it is needed. Overall energy savings per cap produced can be as high as 45%.

HIGH SPECIFIC DENSITY. Moulding pressure being equal, lower temperatures allow attainment of a higher specific density; moreover, the injection point, which puts added strain on the molten plastic, is absent. This technological condition provides mechanical properties and a consistency that would be unattainable with injection.

CONSISTENCY has become a major issue in beverage bottling where production lines are ever-faster and more sophisticated and where cap-related plant stoppages can no longer be tolerated.

MAINTENANCE-FREE MOULDS that last decades. The vertical and axial movement of the compression mould ensures - unlike the injection mould, burdened by its own weight – that the moulds are protected from all kinds of wear. Compression moulding means no wear on the moulds for their entire working lives.

QUICK COLOR CHANGEOVERS These can be completed quickly without having to clean a hot chamber, which is absent in the compression process. LESS WASTE lower costs.

Machine Mould Detail List

Mould Material Cavity DC53, Japan
Cavity Base Beryllium Copper,USA
Cavity Pedestal S136 .Sweden
Screw of Cavity Pedestal DC53, Japan
Core Beryllium Copper,USA
Thread Part DC53, Japan
Medium Sleeve DC53, Japan
De-moulding Sleeve S136 .Sweden
Mould Hardness After vacuum igniting, -180°C cryogenic treatment, nitriding, then DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon), the mould hardness is around 70 degree.

Machine Spare parts Brand

1 Touch Screen SIEMENS (GERMANY)
2 Heater system spare parts ZOPPAS
3 Main Air and water Connector FISTO
4 Hydraulic system TAIWAN
5 OIL PUMP Denison
8 Frequency Conversion SIEMENS (GERMANY)
9 Circuit Break SIEMENS (GERMANY)
11 Connecting Terminal DEFURO
12 Draught Fan ITALY

The reason why choose our Cap compression machine:

1. Improve the management system and a full set of advanced production equipment:

Our factory have the whole production equipment for the mold and machine Parts processing, So all the parts are done and processed in my owner factory , It can make sure the parts finished and the precise

2. The technicians have rich production experience, and the boss pays attention to product development and technology improvement

our boss is the technician who know all the technology about the mold and the machine, He spend much time and cost to learn from the other better and famous factory. He participated in the development of the machine all the time. He can control the products quality and make sure the improvement on all the products.

3. A strong after-sales service team guarantees the after-sales service of the machine.

Our machine have around 6 technician who special to do the after sales service. They always fly to different place to do the after sales for our machine.they fly to the buyer’s factory to do the installation the training on the machine running.

4. Self-produced molds of the machine to make sure the fitment between mold and machine.

Our factory has more than 20 years of experience in mold production to ensure the fitment between the machine and the mold and future maintenance

5. Joint development of electrical and control systems for machines with Siemens

1. The cap compression machine is one equipment required high technology and long time development. Not any put all the spare parts together then it will be ok. The most important thing is the mold hydraulic oil system and the PLC controller system. Frankly speaking, Our boss and engineer take parts in the development on the hydraulic oil system and PLC controller system development with the supplier. Like our PLC controller system is development by our R&D department and SIMENS Company R&D department. Our whole machine PLC system is from SIMENS, Even the plug and wire connector. You can see other factory, In the PLC system, All the spare parts are from different supplier, like some parts from Taiwan Delta ,some parts from OMRON, some parts from SIMENS, They just connect all the parts together. Do not think the whole Program of the machine.

Product packaging and transportation:

Export standard packing

After-sales service of products:

Our technician can be the buyer’s factory to install and run the machine . But the buyer should bear all the cost for the technician’s trip(include the air ticket, the cost of the accommodation and the salary)

Delivery details:



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